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Parental Surveys

How Good is Bathgate Academy:  Evaluation Page

This page will be used to give parents an opportunity to evaluate the work we do in ensuring positive outcomes for all our learners.

A survey will be opened at every Parents' Evening during the academic year allowing your comments and evaluations to be received. A bank of laptops set up within the school's Conference Room during the Parents' Evening will all low you to easily access the survey.

A 'survey monkey' questionnaire will be used to gather your feedback. Results will then be shared on this page once collated. Every questionnaire will also include a space for general comment which the school will directly respond to if appropriate.

Parental comment and evaluation will be scrutinised and used to inform future school improvement priorities


Session 2017-2018: These Parent surveys will be conducted using updated HMIE questions and gathered via Parents Evenings and Groupcall emails. This will give us a good indication as to how parents view the provision we provide.


Session 2016-2017: These parental surveys will focus in on specific evaluation questions to gather opinion on how parents believe the school is performing. This will help us to reflect on similar questions asked in session 2013-2014.


Session 2015-16: These parental returns focused on the employability skills they believe their children require can be accessed here. This information along with other suggestions from parents will be used within our school improvement plan for the upcoming session


Session 2014-15: Parental returns on our vision and values consultation can be accessed here.


Session 2013-14: Education Scotland questions were used to gather a baseline our how our parents perceive the school.

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